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We lead the field in the development of performance-based standards for the built environment.

Today, we offer the industry’s only tech-integrated solution that combines a global standard, an expert network of consulting services & solutions and an expansive material data hub.

Since 2009, RESET has empowered its clients to measure performance, audit outcomes, and make the results easy to understand.

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Starbucks Shanghai Greener Store Lab: World’s First RESET Certified Store for Material Circularity 

Creating a Circularity and Carbon Lab for Greener Stores

What does the future of green building look like?

For the most part, this is a relatively easy question to answer: buildings that are fully regenerative, that are powered by the sun, made from infinitely renewable resources, that regenerate our ecology and support the health of our society.

The real question is how do we get there?



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Achieving results requires teamwork.

RESET develops solutions for all key stakeholders working in the built environment.

See how transforming health & sustainability into measurable KPI can benefit your projects, products and your business.

RESET is focused on measurable performance and supported by a network of leading-edge partners and providers committed to sustainability.


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