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What is RESET®?

RESET is the first and only building standard created from the ground-up for cloud solutions.

The RESET approach empowers project owners to quantify the health and sustainability of their projects at scale - accurately and cost effectively.

RESET enables project owners to pursue performance targets incrementally, using the results for improvement, benchmarking and reporting.

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Operational Data

Operational data refers to the data associated with the continuous operations of a built environment.


RESET® Air | See the Invisible

RESET Air standardizes the continuous monitoring requirements of air quality in built environments. Make visible the invisible factors that impact health, productivity, and sustainability in all of your indoor spaces.

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RESET® Water | Conservation Awareness

RESET Water standardizes the continuous monitoring requirements of water consumption and water quality in built environments. Generate awareness around water conservation and improve water use efficiency and water quality.

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Walkway and modern skyscrapers seen at the Childrens Park in San Diego, California.



RESET® Energy | Carbon Visibility

RESET Energy standardizes the continuous monitoring requirements of energy consumption in built environments. Bring to the forefront the carbon operating costs of the built environment and leverage the faster feedback loops to improve.

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Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 12.03.24 PM  NET ZERO CARBON

Achieved without externally financed offsets.

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 12.03.36 PM  CARBON NEUTRAL

Achieved with externally financed offsets.

In Beta - coming soon


RESET® Circularity | Waste Transparency

RESET Circularity standardizes the continuous monitoring requirements of the waste generated and collected in built environments. Track and understand the lifecycle input and output of waste; where and how much it is generated and consumed.

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The Global RESET Standard

In 2012, TED Talks’ Global Tour captured the beginnings of the RESET Standard. Born as a genome project for green building, RESET has stayed true to the ethos of mastering one area of impact at a time, focused on environmental regeneration.

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