“Our client’s objectives are clear - to contribute to a built environment that is healthier and regenerative – however, they are unsure how to transition from dialogue to action, inciting change.

Systemic shifts are needed and RESET is unique in that is does not force climate issues to fit into existing systems or models, but has designed a pragmatic approach that responds to a company's true needs."

Alessandro Bisagni

Lead the industry by becoming a RESET Accredited Professional

The industry is moving towards measurable performance standards and away from prescriptive design standards.


Tools with Integrated Scores and Standards

Leverage the RESET Standard and the RESET Score to find products that best meet your project needs.

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Have a look at a few of our recent RESET success stories.

Frank and Oak


Value for Consultants and Builders Architects and Designers

Working with the RESET Embodied Standard, the Interior Architect and the Builder were able to exceed their goals - achieving 62.6% end-of-life circularity (materials that can be recycled or biodegraded at the end of the store’s life).

Highlight: All of the clothes displays were designed for disassembly, enabling future reuse, recycling and biodegradability.

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