Powering Material Data Exchange

The RESET Cloud enables data flow between Manufacturers, Reporting Bodies, AEC, Industry Databases and 3rd Party Softwares. Material data flows through Import and Export API Services supporting uni-directional and bi-directional data flows.


Connected and Disconnected Data

Data can be exchanged using Connected or Disconnected API Services.

Connected API Services share individual materials on-demand (synchronously). Materials are shared following each request to Connected API Services. Connected Data is up-to-date each time it is accessed. Connected API Services support feedback loops, allowing Manufacturers to understand how and when their material information is used.

Disconnected API Services allow partner applications to share materials in bulk (asynchronously). Disconnected Data does not remain current by default. Regular updates are required to keep data up to date across all platforms. There is no guarantee that Disconnected Data is up-to-date when viewed on Origin or partner applications. It is not possible to accurately track the usage of Disconnected Data, disrupting feedback loops with Manufacturers.

Manufacturers have the exclusive right to opt in to share their materials as either Connected or Disconnected Data.



 The RESET Cloud API is a paid service of GIGA. Please contact us in order to best determine the scope of the services needed. Send or receive material information in real-time. For developers.

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