ebm-papst site in Xi'an is the world's first RESET-certified production facility

“Passing RESET certificate gives our associates confidence that they are working in Xi’an Plant with a healthy air environment.” – Thomas Nürnberger, President and CEO of ebm-papst China

After successfully passing a three-month audit period, the ebm-papst site located in the Chinese city of Xi'an is the first production facility worldwide to receive the "RESET Air Certification for Core & Shell". This certificate attests to the high performance of the building’s air handling system, which is crucial for the excellent air quality inside buildings.

Receiving RESET Certification is based on passing both a site audit and a data audit that confirms compliance with RESET air limits for at least three consecutive months. Here, values for levels of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity are included in the assessment.

RESET is the world's first sensor-based and performance-driven data standard and certification program for the built environment. Particularly in cities with high levels of air pollution, air quality has long been an important issue; globally, the issue has come into focus, especially due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

"A person breathes in about 15,000 liters of air a day, but indoor air quality has always been more a matter of feeling. We support the intention of RESET and want to get involved in making everyone's health a measurable number," said Thomas Nürnberger, President and CEO of ebm-papst China. “Passing RESET Certification gives our associates confidence that they are working in the Xi’an Plant with a healthy air environment. It also proves ebm-papst ventilation solutions are undoubtedly qualified to help our customers and end users to achieve a healthy and sustainable building environment.”

“Passing RESET certificate gives our associates confidence that they are working in Xi’an Plant with a healthy air environment” – Thomas Nürnberger, President and CEO of ebm-papst China

ebm-papst neo, the fan and drive manufacturer's centre for data-driven solutions, is also already using the RESET Standard for its own sensor solutions. Thomas Sauer, Managing Director of ebm-papst neo, explains, "This allows us to guarantee precise and comparable measurements of air quality in our individual customer solutions."

The 27,000-square-meter plant in Xi'an is one of the newest production facilities of ebm-papst - the fan and drive manufacturer based in Mulfingen, Germany. The Xi’an Plant started production in 2019. In doing so, ebm-papst strengthened its "local for local" corporate strategy and its production power for solutions for the Asia Pacific market.

The ebm-papst site in Xi'an is the first production facility worldwide to receive RESET certification for high air quality.

Photo: ebm-papst
Cover Image: Thomas Nürnberger, President and CEO of ebm-papst China, accepts the certificate from Raefer Wallis, CEO of RESET.

About ebm-papst neo
Launched in spring 2018 as a think tank, the focus of ebm-papst neo GmbH & Co. KG today is on the development, support and market launch of data-driven solutions. These are used, for example, in monitoring air quality in buildings. ebm-papst neo is based in the Dortmund Technology Center.

About ebm-papst
The ebm-papst Group, a family-run company headquartered in Mulfingen/Germany, is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors. Since the technology company was founded in 1963, it has continuously set the global industry standard. With over 20,000 products in its portfolio, ebm-papst provides the best energy-efficient, intelligent solution for virtually every ventilation or drive-engineering task. 
In fiscal year 2019/20, industry leader ebm-papst generated revenues of 2.18 billion euros. It employs over 15,000 people at 29 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China and the USA) and in 48 sales offices worldwide. Fans and motors from ebm-papst are used in almost all industries, including ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, household appliances, heating, automotive and drive engineering.

About RESET® Air
RESET Air is the world’s first sensor-based, performance-driven building certification program where indoor air quality is monitored and measured in real-time. Buildings and/or spaces are required to consistently maintain healthy indoor air quality at all times, as defined by the Standard. RESET Air is comprised of comprehensive standards for hardware or sensor performance, installation, maintenance and data communication.

RESET is developed and managed by GIGA, an independent third-party organization that combines building standards development with cloud software to promote the affordability and scale of healthy buildings.

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