Submit a Pilot Project

Submitting your project gives you early access to the RESET Scoring Methodology and an opportunity to partner on consulting fees with RESET. Meanwhile, you'll be part of the team that gives expert feedback on how the score evolves. How it works:

(1) Submit basic details about the project you would like RESET to consider including in a pilot.

(2) Have a conversation with a RESET team member.

(3) Receive an offer of consulting support from a RESET Accredited Professional.

(4) Create a project timeline.

(5) Provide expert feedback on the RESET Standard.

A pilot project comes with the following benefits: 

  • Manufacturer engagement support
  • Access to system-wide product-level scoring
  • Access to project-level scoring results
  • RESET training

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Our goal is to promote the ability of building products to have a positive impact on health and sustainability.

We want you to join us in paving the way to a healthier future.  

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