EC3 Data available

Manufacturers connect your EC3 Data on Origin

All embodied carbon data within EC3 is now available via the Origin Hub and MATTER. That’s over 40,000 records!

Connect your data today.

Attention all suppliers! The Origin and mindful MATERIALS communities wants to see your data connected!

We’ve made it easy for you by pulling it all in, and our support team is ready to help.

Remember, for users to see the results, suppliers must still connect the EC3 data to their products, completing the chains of custody and transparency that are so important to our community, and what makes the our libraries more reliable than any other.

mindful MATERIALS + EC3 data is also available via MATTER, enabling users to score for carbon data, alongside other health & sustainability priorities.


Check the status of your EC3 data and connect it by following these steps:

Log into your Origin account

1. Go to the Search Certifications section

2. Under the Data Source section, select EC3

3. In the keyword section enter your brand/company name

The resulting entries are coming from EC3 and relate to your brand - continue to the next steps. If your search yields zero results then your company does not have EC3 data to share.

Next steps:

1. Click into your EC3 listings, line by line.

2. Look for the name of the material reported, then click the Connect button at the bottom and type in the material name.

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